Held in the loving hands of a single woman for the last eight years, the vision, intention and consistent focus of All Heart Farms is healing. Healing for the land, healing for the caretaker, and healing for all who enjoy and come in contact with the plant. All Heart Farms are students of the plant, and it is their daily practice to consistently surrender the ego for the ultimate wishes of this magical herb.

Situated in flat valley land rich in water, these gardens have been held in loving hands by the farmers and those who walked there before for many years. 

Besides rich brews of compost tea, the secret to their happy, flourishing plants is the "LOVE FACTOR," as they take great care to nourish these plants that nourish us, and this gentle care is carried through to every stage of our cultivation process, leading to robust, potent, flavorful medicine. 

Memberships / Affiliations: California Growers Association, Mendocino Medicinals, Women Grow

“You will see and feel the care. Nothing here is rushed and it is not all about money. Every bud matters. I strive for perfection on all levels from seed to cure.”