Black Swan


"We are “soil builders”. We make our own soil by gathering the oak leaves from our property and enriching these with compost from a local ranch whose cattle is not wormed, not given antibiotics, and eat clean organic grain."


Black Swan Farm sits proudly on the valley floor next to “Medicine Hill,” a very special location in the heart of Mendocino believed to have strong geomancian earth energy lines that support thriving, energetic plants. Sitting at the beginning of an alluvial flood plain, the land is enriched with soil deposits and serves as an entryway for the wind, providing the plants with excellent airflow. 

The folks at Black Swan are “soil builders,” cultivating lively and full-bodied soil for each of their plants by gathering oak leaves from their property and enriching them with organic grass-fed cow manure from a local ranch next-door. Bringing a thorough knowledge of biodynamics, permaculture and Dragonfly Earth Medicine into their holistic farming practices, they believe in two-fold moral responsibility, caring equally for their patients and their land. Stewardship of the land and farming harmoniously with the ecosystem (themselves, their gardens, and the wilderness that surrounds) comes first at Black Swan, and the focus is on the health and fertility of the native land, and mindful cultivation. 

Black Swan believes in companion planting, growing high quality medicinal cannabis alongside other beneficial herbs and flowers. Everything has a job, and the orchard is filled with plants such as chamomile, oregano, savory, and thyme that provide habitat to beneficial bugs and microbes that naturally increase oil/resin production, provide natural defenses to harmful pests and disease, and increase root zone development.

Every plant at Black Swan is cared for by hand with love and awareness to bring you the best and most vibrant flowers and highest quality natural medicine.