Free Planet is truly a family farm. Coming from a family that has grown medicinal cannabis using organic methods for over 40 years, the folks at Free Planet have been cultivating the high mountain organic land in Covelo, at the Western border of the Mendocino National Forest, for the past ten years. When asked what is special about this location, they respond that it is simply the love for people, plants, and planet, and the connections they are able to foster between people and the elements.

Using compost mulch, worms, mountain air and vital organic soil, Free Planet cultivates healthy, truly potent medicinal cannabis with vibrant, beautiful buds and full elemental flavor.

They believe a “light touch” is most important in bringing you the freshest, most amazing flowers, free of residue from fertilizers or pesticides. Free Planet uses only organic methods, vital soil, pure water, high-mountain air and a delicate touch - bringing you the freshest flavors. 

“I was raised on a rural , mountain farm and our family has grown cannabis organically for 40 years.”