"We take an organic, creative approach to farming. Constantly on the lookout for new varietals, we've curated a seed library that includes boutique strains and varietals perfectly acclimated to our local conditions."

Located on a ridgetop at 2600 feet, the plants at Lone Bird Ranch enjoy plenty of sunshine, fresh air, hot days and cool nights—perfect conditions for bringing out the best in their cannabis flowers.

The Lone Bird team has worked together over the past two years to transform the health of their land by improving water drainage, dismantling the neglected gardens left by prior owners, and cleaning and revitalizing the property to prepare it to be a fruitful and sustainable farm using all-natural methods.

In 2015, Lone Bird began a move towards organic production and away from using commercial soil and bottled nutrients. They now produce lively, healthy plants by focusing on soil development, brewing compost teas, and using all-natural techniques for pest and fungal management. With a base of OMRI listed compost from a local facility, Lone Bird has hand-built their soil with natural organic constituents, including soy-based nitrogen, kelp meal, rock minerals, and biochar. 

Lone Bird takes a creative approach to their cultivation. Constantly on the lookout for new varietals, they’ve curated a seed library that includes boutique strains from companies such as Aficionado Seeds, Crockett Family Farms, and Swamp Boys Seeds, as well as varietals from area breeders that are particularly acclimated to local conditions. This year, Lone Bird’s team is focused on enhancing and developing many CBD-rich strains. They are proud to bring you this year's batch of fresh, aromatic, and beautiful flowers to help calm, relax and inspire.

Memberships / Affiliations:  California Growers Association, Women Grow