Redtail Ranch


Redtail Ranch is nestled in the coastal range of Northern Mendocino County at an elevation of 2300 feet.  Tending the land since 1975, the folks at Redtail have endeavored to create a farmstead with an eye towards regeneration and sustainability.  With a mixed agriculture of fruit trees, vineyards, veggies and herbs, they produce products that are healthy and life-giving to the people and the planet. Using only organic growing methods and knowing that healthy and alive soils grow more vibrant plants, they work with nature--tuning into the cycles and rhythms of the seasons and the lunar influences to breed some of the best THC and CBD varietals in the world.

As a proud part of the Northern Mendocino cannabis culture, an area where farmers collaborate to share ideas, techniques and seeds, Redtail has cultivated many varietals including high CBD, high THC, and varietals with a balanced ratio of cannabinoids, which make for an uplifting, inspirational and creative high.  Grown from seed, and treated with the utmost care at all stages of their lifecycle, their plants are vigorous, robust and healthy. Some current favorites are In the Pines, Silver Berry, Blue Sugar Mama, Royal Sour, Long Valley Royal Kush, Sour Band and Karuna (a high CBD varietal).

Memberships / Affiliations:  California Growers Association, Mendocino County Farmers Association, Mendocino Medicinals

“Our flowers are grown with love from seed that is bred by us or friends here in the Emerald Triangle. The plants are grown in the soil alongside our vegetables, apple trees and wine grapes, given special care using compost and compost teas to enliven the soil biology. In the fall when the flowers are mature, they are harvested by hand, hung to dry and cured and are then hand manicured. They are treated with the utmost care at all stages of their lifecycle.”