“We’re all about diversity. I love working in the nursery. I gather seeds from friends. Here we also produce Jun (herbal enzyme drink), hemp clothing, goat cheese and goat milk products.”

Twelve years ago, Reverend Mother landed in the Noyo River watershed in western Mendocino County with a handful of berry starts and a few goats and chickens. A true homesteader, she has since hand-sculpted an agrarian wonderland, complete with terraced gardens and orchards, multiple barns and livestock houses, a community kitchen and living space, and several structures and sacred spaces.

Situated in a remote canyon 10 miles from the Pacific coast, the cannabis plants in Reverend Mother Gardens enjoy “Pinot Noir weather”—foggy mornings, hot, sunny days, and cool, clear nights—bringing out a full complement of flavors and colors in their flowers. Reverend Mother uses all organic inputs, most of which are produced on the farm, including compost from free-range goats, bikashi straw and vital mycorrhizal fungi and humates.  

Reverend Mother’s focus is on living off the land and growing food and raising animals, with an emphasis on offering experiential education for future farmers and homesteaders and providing visitors with the space and time for healing and self-work.

Every time we visit Reverend Mother Gardens, we are sent off with armfuls of farm fresh goods including chicken eggs, goat milk and cheese, pesto, greens, Jun (an effervescent fermented enzyme elixir), and of course pure, organic cannabis flowers. Every plant grown here is nurtured with love and close attention, and thrives in the delicately-balanced climate to offer complex and robust flavor and a bouquet of beautiful natural scents. 

Memberships / Affiliations:  California Growers Association, Mendocino Medicinals