Winged Heart Farms


"Organic and plant-intuitive practices are key for us. We cultivate a flexible relationship with our plants, allowing us to respond to their particular needs."




Winged Heart Farms is a low-fill, no-machinery, low-input farm, using cover cropping and hand-amending for minimal soil-disturbance practices, with 90% OMRI listed inputs.

Winged Heart is run by a two person family team and supports the community by seasonally hiring folks who live alternative lifestyles— musicians, artists, healers and craftspeople who help bring you the very best in herbal medicine.

Organic and plant-intuitive practices are key at Winged Heart. They cultivate a flexible relationship with their plants, allowing them to respond to the particular needs of individual plants and different strains, and using pro-active pest and fungal management techniques, relying heavily on beneficial organisms.

Winged Heart harvests, dries and cures thoroughly to keep flowers free from mold and other microbes. They are an exclusively hand-manicured producer, allowing them to create abundance and community, while producing a higher quality finished product.

"We live on and love our land; it is our home that feeds and nourishes us, and we respond in kind. Our overall goal for our land is to improve fertility, diversity and sustainable closed-loop systems. We also take seriously our aesthetic responsibility to keep the land beautiful, and cultivate many other types of flowers and plants in addition to cannabis."

Memberships / Affiliations: California Growers Association